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Helping Others Learn Multiple Everyday Skills

Holmes Healthcare Training Center started out as a Home Health agency providing in-home care to individuals with Physical and Mental Challenges and has grown into an exceptional learning environment for healthcare careers.


HHTC has developed the H.O.L.M.E.S. Grant (helping others learn multiple everyday skills) because we believe that everyone deserves a chance at success.  Students will be able to utilize the grant in the following areas: Tuition expenses, Transportation services (uber/Lyft) to and from school and clinical sites and/or to pay nanny services or daycare expenses while attending the program. 

Qualifying students will be required to:

- submit an essay on “why I choose this program and why my career choice is important to me”

-Have no felony record

- Be a first-time student at HHTC

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This Grant will be available  starting August 1,2022

Sponsorship Packages

Donation:                                                                            Sponsor packages:


15.00____                                                                           Brain Teaser: 1500.00

25.00____                                                                           Goal Diggers: 2000.00

50.00____                                                                          Master of Education: 5000.00



Sponsor Package details:


Brain Teasers: Swag bag

Goal Diggers: Swag bag, logo added to marketing items, video interview  

Master of Education: Swag bag, VIP Mentions, Keepsake gift, logo on marketing items interview

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