Life is why!

Many people often wonder why I love nursing and why educating others is so important to me. well I have a genuine love for helping others in everyway possible and truth is I never thought I would have much success at it because I always became shy and allowed my lisp to get in the way of publicly speaking. I realized as I grew older that I have the power to change this and another truth is, no one never really noticed it but me. some other fun facts about me is that I love to read and sing. God is always in the forefront of my plans and I lean on him to help me with my weaknesses. I have 3 beautiful girls and an amazing husband that has always supported my dreams. Since a little girl, I have been really close with my grandmother and she died when I was 11 years old. My dreams was to always be there for her and take care of her when I grew older. I was lost without her and didn't know how to feel. I was numb. Today, I use the love that I have for her to create a fearless, virtual women in myself and I pray that my past, present and future will continue to have a rewarding and indescribable impact on every life that I touch. Hazel's life is why!

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