6/2020 class

Congratulations to my graduating student!

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Carona is now in food!

WTH! So carona is just everywhere on everything! I'm starting to feel that someone wants to keep this around 🤔 Read the article below: https://www.newsbreakapp.com/n/0WeVlBjw?s=a99&pd=06GLQaAZ

Kids making crack!

OMG! This article has taken the cake for me! I read an article about a man and his girlfriend making the kids ages 8-10 assist them with making crack! This man is obviously crazy right? The article ev

Black owned Toilet paper!

I read an article today that talked about toilet paper made by a black owned company. This TP is made from bamboo grass. So it is helping our environment. Read more of this at webuyblack.com/blog/blac

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